My goal – to offer you simple, affordable and straightforward design assistance solutions.  I do my best to make the process fun and stress-free!  If you have a need that doesn’t fit the options below, please contact me.  I can customize my services to suit your project.

paint and/or color…I show up at your house, paint deck in hand.  With regard to your décor, art, and accessories, we look at colors together.  We consider your overall vision and the lighting in your home.  I leave you with a paint prescription that you can feel confident about, as well as some helpful tips.  You hire a painter or paint yourself.

tile, stone, and/or solid surface…I take a quick trip to your house to view the project area and discuss your needs, aesthetics and budget.  I pull together three great options.  I show up at your house with said options, and I help you pick your favorite.  I leave you with samples of your favorite, general installation ideas, as well as any important price/resource information.  You hire an installer, or, if you are a pro, install yourself.

the shopping buddy…maybe you want someone to bounce ideas off of or help you pull things together?  I can meet you at your favorite store or stores and help you select items with confidence.

the stylist…you’ve chosen some items and could use a little help pulling things together.  I meet you at your home and help you make the most of them.

the quick consultation…I show up at your home and help you make the most of what you have.  Up to two hours.

the consult with a plan…I come to your house to view the project space and get a good idea of your needs, aesthetics and budget.  I come up with a plan, complete with resources and pricing.  I mail you a fun little package, and you put the space together at your convenience.  Up to five hours.

the styling session…You’ve purchased the items in your “plan,” and are ready to put everything together.  I swing by and help you perfect everything.  Up to two hours.

the remodel…You are making some big changes and looking to select fixtures, finishes, and more.  We come up with a customized strategy and package, and, even better, a fixed rate.

new construction…You are looking to select all kinds of odds and ends.  We create a custom strategy and solution to meet your needs.  We will agree upon a fixed rate – no surprises!

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